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Katie Botwin

Katie Botwin

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Home Base: Denver, CO

Biggest Outdoor Accomplishment: Waking up early enough to hike a 14er. 

I’m in inspired by all things nature. With a passion of encouraging people to explore the outdoors, I document my travels through photography and writing. After moving to Colorado for school, I quickly fell in love with the way of the mountains and developed a passion for sleeping under the stars, photography, meeting new people, and adventure in all sense of the word. In my spare time, you’ll find me climbing around on stationary objects, trail running even though I tend to trip pretty often, petty dogs, and questioning why I wake up at 4am on the weekends to walk up a mountain and then come back down. I choose to live Among The Wild because nature is a reminder of how tiny we are.

Bucket List: Multi month climbing and surf trip down the west coast.

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